Open Water Diver (First Star)


If you’ve always dreamed of learning to dive, discover new adventures, or just see the wonderful world under the waves, PADI Open Water Course is the course you start. PADI Open Water Course is the most popular diving course in the world, where millions of people discover the world of diving each year.


The Open Water Diver course is a course that teaches primary diving abilities and is the introduction to more advanced diving courses. This diving course is designed to teach and explain the effects of the underwater environment on the human body (the diver), to teach rules of behavior, and to instill proper work habits under water – such that it will make diving enjoyable and safe For whom the course is suitable: age 12 If a medical problem exists, a doctor’s approval is required in writing (over the age of 45, a doctor’s authorization is required regardless of the health condition) Course structure: Theory lessons to understand basic principles of diving Protected water dives to learn and practice basic diving skills Open water dives to practice your diving abilities and discover a new world At the end of the course you can dive to 18 meters and after 6 more dives you can accompany an Advanced adventurer diver to a depth of 18 meters without a guide.

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Duration: 5 days


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