Full Face Mask Course


This course is to teach you how to dive with a Full Face Dive Mask. While we recommend the Ocean Reef Dive Mask, this course will qualify you to dive with any Dive Mask. Diving Full Face is easy, safe and has some benefits, if you are considering it, we highly recommend it, talk to us about the options or even book in on a try dive.


Full Face Mask Diving Course is a one day course that is usually held on weekends. It can be done alone or as part of an Open Water or Advanced adventurer course. It includes theoretical time, pool sessions and two open water dives. You can dive at any time, since this course is a special separate specialty, we can plan it at our availability. Why dive with the Full Face Mask? In fact, there is only one answer – this is more convenient and better. It has more visibility, no fogging, less leaks, the ability to wear glasses, better equalization, connectivity (if you’d like), and you feel comfortable with it. We recommend you try it, you will like it! This course is open to a wide variety of people: Minimum 12 years old Certified as PADI Level (Junior) Open Water Diver or Equivalent Ability to either answer NO to all questions on the standard medical history form, or get a doctor’s approval prior to class.

Additional information

Duration: 1 day


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