Guided diving is a fun dive for the guide and divers, our guides are knowledgeable and know the best places to dive, our diving guides will show you the place you asked for and try as much as possible to find different animals on the way and help identify a particular fish or animal, because diving places in Eilat are the most beautiful. It is considered a tourist place full of colorful coral reefs and some of them are rare, wrecked ships (fishing boat, glass liner) And of course the guides will be very happy to take you to the most beautiful diving places in Eilat.

A very large part of the dive places in Eilat are very close to the beach, the shuttle service of the Palma Dive Club, for guided dives will take you to the most of the dive places.

Depths of dive places:
1) Up to 30 meters: Paradise, Mosquito, Katsa, Coral Reserve, Satil, Canyon, Pyramid.
2) Up to 18 meters: University, Neptune Tables, Satil, Coral Reserve, Rock Moshe, San Boat Ship, Caves.

Some explanation about diving places in Eilat:

The Satil
It is the first and the most beloved place for Israeli divers, one of the most popular diving places in Eilat. There are quite a lot of tourists from around the world who come to dive in Eilat. There is a ship sunk or wrecked, a warship or missile ship, with an amazing historical story, sunk in 1994. The ship is used as a coral reef and since then it has grown full of corals and various plants. Animals that can be encountered throughout the ship such as giant moray eels, locus fish, rays and more… and if you’ll be lucky you’ll sea turtle passing by to say hello.
We have not finished yet there is one more style – night dive for style, and it is already different from normal dive and different from how it looks in daylight. The style at night looks like a ship or a very quiet ghost boat, but you can encounter some strange animals and very beautiful night creatures. It is recommended to go through required specialization to dive into the style at night (these are depths from 15 meters to 27 meters)
The location of the Satil: the last refuge – restaurant, one of the oldest restaurants in the city of Eilat, enter the Village Beach and look straight in the direction of a floating line, it is very easy to find the diamond of the Red Sea.

The diamond in the crown, the charm of the Red Sea, shallow depth 5-6 meters is found on the south shore, the dive itself provides a sense of the beauty of nature, that once of fish and animals are there, colorful corals of various types , you can meet several parrot fish, barracudas, Nimo and Dori, octopuses .. and if we are lucky we can meet sea turtles, seals, moraines and starfish especially the most beautiful spiked starfish (we are very poisonous) we have seen, and if we dive towards the slope we will meet there with eels coming out of the earth and even if there will be We are lucky to meet a whale shark and a mint that came to fly in the south current and maybe giant fish and other creatures that came out of the depths to warm up a bit or catch some sunbathing.
The caves depth can be lowered to 30 meters along the way down an area full of vegetation to a depth of 22 above this depth already meet a paradise of corals and oysters and extra large shells – note the animal is still inside so do not bother.

A shipwreck, a small Vietnamese boat, a war boat. There is 30 meters deep and above. To dive at this site, it’s like being in very blue and deep water, a serenity that extends over the place. The mosquito has become a coral upholstery that lasts up to 45 meters deep.

Rock Moshe
The big rock, the jewel of Eilat, the rock is inside a coral reserve, a huge rock on which lots and lots of coral grew, the rock because it is big has opened its heart the masses of animals that have become their home and those around it, the amount of animals you meet there is huge, one round It will not be enough for you around the rock, need another round or two.
Depth: You can go deeper up to 45 meters – it is recommended to plan a dive and dive according to the training you learned, you can meet a huge coral wall that will continue towards the Japanese gardens, in this wall to a depth of 30 to 35 meters a little dark quiet and ready for action, the place itself gives Azra to keep distance from one bottom. The most beautiful the Palma Club staff has seen to date.

The Paradise
After the Style to the depths, we are getting to the paradise, large stones and rocks filled with corals scattered and close to each other at the bottom of the sea, among them if we look closely we meet delicate creatures. It is recommended to combine the place with a night dive in style, in daylight if you are very lucky you can also meet seahorses.

Palm Beach Canyon
This is not a shopping center and shopping mall, the stream that rolls from the Eilat mountains in winter, the rain has developed a small route for Nahal Shaham
You also feel the depths entering a canyon underwater, a small sandy path on the sides of rocks and fish and coral.
The sandy path extends to a depth of more than 43 meters. A path that winds between two walls that can be found full of amazing creatures.

The University
The place got its name from the University of Eilat, research of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for underwater research of the sea in Eilat and the Red Sea. Here on the dive site and while hiking underwater you will find signs and equipment that will be used by researchers. The students and scientists and other researchers are engaged in activities to conduct ongoing experiments for all kinds of new corals that are specially grown in this place.
A large variety of flora and fauna Shallow depth of 5 meters even less to depths of 35 meters.

Coral Reserve
Every diver in the country has heard about the coral wall in the reserve, the most beautiful and invested wall in Eilat, full of corals and a wide and large variety of animals, in the reserve if you move a little towards the slope you can meet classic sea urchins
The reserve site is relatively long but the place will leave a taste of more and more and more…
The place starts from the style and continues towards the Taba border crossing the underwater restaurant.
Experience stories and adventures, it is true that there was once a restaurant that worked, and there was a strip club, the place also managed events such as weddings and more .. And most important of all: the place also starred in Israeli movies, the restaurant site is a family home place. Meters at the bottom in the eastern part, around the building there are glass windows that can be peeked in.
The second part of the restaurant starts at a depth of 12 meters and reaches a depth of 23, true sand floor with some stones that grew coral, you can find in the area tables and sculptures, a sunbed that also grew coral, and if you go south to a depth of 33 meters you will meet very special corals in Eilat and rarely in the sea Red. East of the restaurant is also the pyramid, the pyramid site reaches the bottom of the site about 33 meters. In the place itself you can find a whole garden or park of oysters of different types of oysters that contain animals inside Coral Reserve.

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