Night Diver


A first aid course teaches how to help in emergency situations and increases security when responding to emergency situations. The course participants learn simple steps to deal with emergency situations and practice skills in a comfortable learning environment.


Night begins, the end of the day and you enter the water, and theadventure is in front of you… The reef changes its face at night, day life changes to the night life, an old and familiar site becomes new to you, everything looks different at the end of the beam of the lantern. Night dives are a unique experience that opens absolute different world to us from the one we are familiar with. Today’s dives let us open the door into a new and wonderful world… Did you think you saw everything? More amazing things are in your way!

Additional information

The training is carried out according to the high standards of a diving organization and the certification can be used as one of the specializations required for the MASTER SCUBA DIVER.

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