Introductory dive

The introductory dive , your first and most special!

we start by getting to know the instructor that will guide you throughout the whole dive. He will make sure you feel safe and have fun.
The instructor will give you a briefing that will teach you everything you need to know at the dive.
There is no need to come with any knowledge, you will learn everything with your instructor.
After the briefing your instructor will provide you with appropriate equipment to make you as comfortable as possible at the dive.

The moment you are ready, you will get into the water at standing height, there your instructor will let you get used to the amazing and peaceful feeling of breathing underwater. When you are ready, you will leave and experience together the adventure underwater.

During the dive…

you can be very calm and enjoy the underwater world you discover, with the knowledge that your instructor is in control of your equipment and operates it. What’s left for you to do is breathing and admiring the colorful fish and corals underwater.
The experience is unforgettable and by your choice we can commemorate the experience with professional photos that will memorize the dive forever -through with you can share the experience also with your friends and family.


Duration of the course:

  • The whole experience takes approximately 1.5 hours.


  • The cost of the dive changes depending on the divesite, and length of the dive. The price is between 150-200nis.

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