Dear fans of diving, you have a unique opportunity to purchase a package consisting of two courses!


Courses included:

  • Open Water Diver (First Star)
  • Advanced adventurer Diver (Second Star)

In order that nothing distracts you from classes, we offer comfortable accommodation in our villa with modern equipped rooms.


7 days of exciting activities and unforgettable diving in the underwater world! Hurry, the number of seats is limited!

General information:

Everyone can participate at the course from the age of 12 years.

Under the age of 15 – Junior certification upon reaching the age of 15  (you’re welcome to ask in private)

Also, under the age of 18, you are required to come with a guardian’s consent and let them sign the registration forms.

Over the age of 45 you must go to a diving doctor and get permission to do the course. (We will send you a list of diving doctors closest to your place of residence)

Our courses start weekly every Sunday and last a whole week until Saturday.

General course hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The hours change according to the arrangements of the different courses every week!

Details for 1+2 star course 

Open water diver (first star)

Advanced adventurer diver (second star)

The 1+2 star course lasts about 7 days, 12 dives in total

That’s how the course is divided throughout the week….

Open water structure 

  1. Consists of 3 parts: theory, protected water, and open water.
  2. Protected water – first two days, pool or sea: equipment, operation, and avoiding emergency situations
  3. Open water – applying the practice learned in the first two days
  4. 2 dives up to a depth of 12 meters
  5. 4 dives up to a depth of 14 meters

Advanced adventurer structure

Only open water dives

6 theme dives:

Depth (30 meters – over 15 years old), navigation, night (depends on the level of the group, according to the guide’s decision), balance, sea orbit (fish identification), sunken ship.

Shomer Shabbat: 

Participants who cannot dive on Saturday, will be able to do the last 2 dives on Sunday.


During the course we will equip you with  diving modern equipment from leading companies such as SCUBA PRO Mares + dive computer.

Registration fees for the course:

NIS 250 is deducted from the total cost of the course.

The registration fee goes to the international organization – no refund in case of cancellation. If you cancel the course – you will keep the registration fee for up to six months from the date of cancellation.

Diving insurance for the course:

Required! Cost for the entire course – 60 NIS

How to get insurance?

The date of the insurance is the start date of the course


from 1450 ₪ – Best deal for courses!

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