PADI Master Scuba Diver


MASTER SCUBA DIVER PADI is the highest level of sport diving. To obtain this certification, you must have a RESCUE DIVER certification, and 5 PADI specializations. It is necessary to have the DEEP DIVER specialization from five specializations and the diver has to choose the 4 additional specializations from the range of PADI specializations. If you have a passion for diving. If you want to join the best of the diving world. If you want to discover new areas in the world of diving, discover the underwater world and go to places and see things you have never seen. Being MASTER SCUBA DIVER PADI is a window into endless adventures and opportunities through your experience and training as a MASTER SCUBA DIVER PADI diver.


The course is suitable for: Age 15 Advanced adventurer diver (or equivalent rank) Rescue diver (or equivalent rank) Diver Deep up to 40 meters At least five PADI specialization courses (PADI deep certification is considered one of the five) The training requires 72 dives recorded in the dive log book

Additional information

Course duration: 7-12 days depending on the selected internships and how many dives the trainee has.


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