Search and Recovery Diver


If you want to learn how to find sunken objects, and maybe even become a seeker of lost treasures, then the Search and Recovery Diver special course is for you. The course can be taken by divers who are 12 years or older who have a PADI Open Water Diver certificate or equivalent and a PADI Underwater Navigation course document or PADI Advanced adventurer certificate or equivalent. The program includes 4 open water dives. The minimum duration of the special course is 2 days; the same amount of time is allotted for the theoretical and practical part directly in the water.


Planning, organization, methodology and technique of diving in order to find and recover sunken objects, as well as the difficulties and hazards associated with this activity Diving in conditions of limited visibility and methods of underwater orientation Correct and safe technique for locating an object, various methods of searching, using ropes and spools Correct and safe lifting technique using various lifting devices

Additional information

A dive that includes searching and lifting of sunken objects, completely within the Adventure Diver course, at the discretion of the instructor, can be counted in the Search and Recover Diver special course.

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