First and Second Aid Course (EFR)


A first aid course teaches how to help in emergency situations and increases security when responding to emergency situations. The course participants learn simple steps to deal with emergency situations and practice skills in a comfortable learning environment.


For whom the course is suitable: for everyone, not for divers Course Structure: Primary Care (CPR) – This course teaches you the steps and techniques for dealing with life-threatening emergencies. Practice eight skills to help patients who are not breathing, have no pulse, and may have a spinal cord injury that can be traumatic or have serious bleeding. You will learn how to perform CPR and continue to monitor the patient so that you can provide the highest chance of survival while waiting for emergency medical services. Secondary Care (First Aid) – This course teaches you how to provide first aid that eases the pain and reduces the risk of further injury. You will learn to evaluate a variety of injuries and illnesses and practice dressing, how to fix and use arterial blockers.

Additional information

Duration of the course: one day


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