Palma Dive Club is a high-class villa boutique diving club in a warm and very unique family atmosphere. Also, the club makes sure to maintain very high standards and therefore, uses new diving equipment and most importantly safety. We take care of the safety of every diver from a beginner diver to a high-class professional […]


Description: Guided diving is a fun dive for the guide and divers, our guides are knowledgeable and know the best places to dive, our diving guides will show you the place you asked for and try as much as possible to find different animals on the way and help identify a particular fish or animal, […]


Equipment rental price list: Description: Star 1? Star 2? Divemaster? Diving equipment rental should not be a problem for you every day of the year! We rent equipment every day of the week: from 08: 00-18:00 Friday – Saturday: 18:00 – 06:00 (early morning by appointment only!). With us you can rent diving equipment of […]


Dear fans of diving, you have a unique opportunity to purchase a package consisting of two courses! Courses included: Open Water Diver (First Star) Advanced Open Water Diver (Second Star) In order that nothing distracts you from classes, we offer comfortable accommodation in our villa with modern equipped rooms. 7 days of exciting activities and […]

Wreck Diver

Description: A first aid course teaches how to help in emergency situations and increases security when responding to emergency situations. The course participants learn simple steps to deal with emergency situations and practice skills in a comfortable learning environment. Academic: For whom the course is suitable: Advanced Open Water Diver (Second Star). Course structure: diving […]

Underwater Photography

Description: In this specialty course, you will be taught how to take good pictures underwater. Divers who have 12 years old or older and who already have PADI Open Water Diver (Junior Open Water Diver) certificates can enroll in the course. Academic: The special course program includes: There are 2 open water dives that can […]

Underwater Navigator

Description: How many times did you want to get to the site and did not know how? Finding your way underwater is not a matter of luck! It’s a matter of knowledge and practice. Academic: For whom the course is suitable: If you go back from diving to a boat / beach or trying to […]

Search and Recovery Diver

Description: If you want to learn how to find sunken objects, and maybe even become a seeker of lost treasures, then the Search and Recovery Diver special course is for you. The course can be taken by divers who are 12 years or older who have a PADI Open Water Diver certificate or equivalent and […]

Propulsion Vehicle Diver

Description: If you want to feel the sensation of flying in an airless space, this is the course for you. The course can be taken by divers who have 12 years old and who already have a PADI Open Water Diver (Junior Open Water Diver) certificate or equivalent. The course program includes 2 open water […]

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Description: What is neutral expectation? Divers love to be in neutral buoyancy so as not to sink or float. Divers who control their balance at a high level will be able to enjoy much more diving. You saw them underwater. They move effortlessly, using less air, rising, descending or hovering, just as if they are […]